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About Us

About Us

We all spend most of our time in our homes and offices. It’s crucial that we create a space that’s inviting, relaxing, and appealing. When a carefully selected indoor water feature is placed in a room, it creates a beautiful image and an instantly soothing feeling. This is easily accomplished with the fountains we have here at Indoor Fountain Pros. We offer wall, floor, and tabletop indoor fountains so you can place one in any room and setting. We also have a variety of surface options so you can match your indoor décor.

Are you seeking to add a stunning piece to your office? We offer marble, slate, glass, and mirror indoor water features that will be sure to captivate your guests and clientele. Want to go even further?  We can add a customized logo or slogan onto many of our fountains.

We want our homes to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. With the trickling water of an indoor fountain it brings the sounds of nature right into your home. Do you want something modern, but with classic color schemes? Our slate fountains entail beautiful neutral colors with unique patterns that can complement any room. Our marble fountains are beautifully texturized with deep, rich colors.  Are you looking for more of a colorful and vibrant feature? If so, then check out our Art Wall Fountains that are full of color and intricacy.   

All of the indoor water fountains here have been carefully selected. From simplistic pieces to intricately designed elements that are bursting with detail, you are sure to fall in love with what we have to offer at Indoor Fountain Pros.  Plus, free shipping is included in every order.