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How to Take Care of your Indoor Fountain

Oct 6th 2016

Indoor fountains are great additions to any home. They are calming, gorgeous and elegant. And they can make your friends jealous when they come over to visit. However, indoor fountains, just like ev … read more

Indoor Wall Fountains for Your Home

Sep 29th 2016

Do you want to want to put a fountain in your home but are lacking in floor space? A wall mounted indoor fountain could be the perfect answer. These stunning designs seem to suspend water on the wa … read more

Cleaning Your Glass or Steel Indoor Fountain

Sep 27th 2016

If you’ve installed a glass or steel indoor fountain, the way the water cascades over the smooth surface is one of its best features. But cleaning your fountain is important to keep it looking it’s … read more

Indoor Fountain Accessories

Sep 26th 2016

Do you want an indoor fountain in your home but can’t find the right one? Do you like elements of one but then dislike the fountain overall? Well you don’t have to buy a readymade fountain off the … read more