All About the “Sunrise Springs” and “Teton Falls” Indoor Wall Water Features

The sound of running water is one of the most comforting, relaxing sounds in the world, and offers a level of natural white noise that helps buffer the sounds of a crazy life. Some people prefer the gentle pattering of rain, others enjoy flowing water. While you can find free sound clips online that will last for hours, this isn’t enough. In the same way that audiophiles enjoy the presence and visual stimulation from watching a vinyl play, indoor waterfalls for home and office space provide a greater level of connection to the sounds of nature.

Falling and flowing water have a natural undulation in volume, a biological pattern that calms anxiety and irritation. An associate professor of Biobehavioral Health at Pennsylvania State University, Orfeu Buxton has characterized the sounds of flowing water as comforting and soothing because they are the sounds of non-threats, opposite of alarm clocks and similar klaxons. In a home, your place of sanctuary away from the craziness of the outside world, natural white noise can make a huge difference in just how relaxing your space really is. In an office, especially in the waiting room, nervous or restless clients or employees are given an auditory buffer to allow greater levels of focus, productivity, and dispersed nervousness.

Customization and reliability are two big benefits to choosing an indoor wall water feature like the Teton Falls and Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountains. Keeping in mind that they are essentially similar except in size, you’re looking at self-contained systems that have a huge variety of options when it comes to designing a bold statement, on top of useful and reliable features. Let’s get into the customization first, and have fun with the nitty-gritty mechanicals in a bit.

How and What to Choose

Looking for something to really pump up the wow factor? Choose Bronze or Silver Mirror for your inner surface, or pull in the beauty of natural marble and slate with Green or Rajah Featherstone. As if that wasn’t enough, the Sunrise Springs wall water fountain offers even more options for the inner surface: Black, Green, and Brown Marble, Travertine Magnifico, Black Featherstone, and Green and Rajah Slate, on top of the materials already available for the Teton Falls model. Not only can you choose from Blackened Copper, Stainless Steel, and Rustic Copper for your trim finish, but you also have the option of squared or rounded corners.

Oh no, you thought we were done, but in the famous words of a wise man: “wait, there’s more!” You can also choose to add accent lighting to really make a stunning impression with halogen or LED bulbs. The latter includes a remote that offers different lighting modes like Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth Transition. The LED lighting option consists of seven-color bulbs that are capable of projecting twelve different colors, and the remote allows you to program these as well, alongside the other effects. Whether you’re looking to soothe clients in a waiting room or adding much needed serenity to a relaxing space at home, there’s really no reason to not get exactly what you want with the imposing 45" high, 61" wide, 6" deep Teton Falls or the more demure 35" high, 52” wide, 6" deep Sunrise Springs.

When considering wall mounted water features for your office, you aren’t going to want to waste precious space on something that needs only vertical real estate, especially when you can make its presence work hard for you. Both the Teton Falls and Sunrise Springs models offer logo engraving to make each piece the perfect fit for your business. These are available in single, double, or triple-color options, to ensure that your brand identity gets the treatment it deserves.

The slate used in these fountains is real, natural stone, so keep this in mind when you’re considering weight. Featherstone Slate is a lighter alternative that can definitely lighten the load without losing the natural look. Featherstone Slate takes form as a natural material veneer that hangs at about 10 pounds, as compared to the whopping 150 pound solid slate counterpart. At full load, with water included, the Teton Falls will weigh around 210 pounds for slate and 245 pounds with the mirror options, while the smaller Sunrise Springs model can range between 225 pounds for slate and water, to 120 pounds with the Featherstone slate and water.

Invest in Your Art

Living art doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when it comes to a major feature that should bring relaxation to a comfortable space. Indoor water wall features are contained pieces of art, but it’s not just all looks. The underlying substance rounds out the Teton Falls and Sunrise Springs models as solid investments. Handcrafted in the USA, these wall mounted water fountains come with a built-in splash guard tray to prevent spillage with a heavy-duty commercial quality liner and smooth river rocks for accent and water management. The recirculating electric pump runs quietly and maintains continuous water flow that can be easily adjusted. The lighting options are also adjustable, whether you want bright, bold illumination or a soft, relaxing glow along with the strobe, flash, fade, and smooth transition modes.

You have full control over almost every aspect of these wall fountains, including ease of installation. An EZ Installation bracket allows for safe and secure wall mounting, so you can be confident in your investment. Each fountain comes with a limited 12 Month Warranty to further secure your indoor wall water feature. Don’t forget the bottle of fountain cleaner! First one is free.

It’s not hard to see why the Teton Falls and Sunrise Springs wall water fountains are a timeless hit with customers looking to add a multipurpose art piece to their environment. These aren’t waterfall fountains that you have to settle for. With the breadth of control you have over everything from materials, lighting, water flow, and more, there’s nothing you can’t do to make your wall mounted water features perfect for you. A stunning fountain can make the difference between ho-hum-humdrum and “oh wow!” when visitors walk into the room.