Brilliant Hacks to Brighten Up Your Office Decor

Brilliant Hacks to Brighten Up Your Office Decor

Posted by Caris Cruz on Oct 25th 2016

What could be the most tedious place in the world? For most, it could be their offices. There's a reason why everyone hates Mondays; this means going back to work, going back to their desks, going back to that same, old, boring spot they would stay from 9 to 5. Nothing could be as trying as that. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Since your office space is where you stay for most of your life, as of yet, it's just right that you make it fitting for your lifestyle and personality. Work is already challenging; how much more is an uninspiring space? It's up to you to add some color into your desk, or even cubicle. And you'd be surprise how a little touch-up can go a long way!

If you have the option, switch your office color from something bland, to something brilliant, maybe even purple?. Today's offices are decorated with rich, jewel-toned colors for the strict yet disciplined boss, and an industrial palette for those who wants it open and creative. If you're stuck inside a cubicle, you can put some splash of colors into your own desk. How? By adding your favorite decor and stationery, you can instantly turn any boring workplace into something more personalized. Create a nice mood board that gets you motivated each day at work. Add an interesting decorative piece in the table—just like a vase filled with flowers, or an indoor fountain.

A tabletop indoor fountain is probably the best piece you'll have as decor. The negative eons from the water element naturally calms you down, helping you get your act together during those stressful moments of being under pressure. There are many small yet modern designs that can easily accentuate your desk without overpowering the rest of the working space. The soothing sounds of the gentle water, plus the sight of the crystal liquid rippling down the small structure is one way to avoid eye strains after hours of staring too much on your computer.

Spoil yourself by adding a mini-pantry to your desk. A little bowl where you can pick your favorite goodies is a nice touch to your desktop. A piece of candy gives a good kick during the moments when you're feeling less creative. Find a decorative container to store it with, only make sure it's away from your electronics.

Get your piece of comfort by adding a pillow to your regular ergonomic chair. Pick one with a colorful textile that adds a splash of tone to your otherwise dull cubicle. If you own an office, you may want to switch your old chair into something luxe and comfortable—a couch fit for the boss!

After switching colors, adding décor, installing an indoor fountain and putting your favorite items into your workplace, there are a few other things you can do to improve the area. An industrial lamp adds a nice touch to your desk, giving you enough illumination during those overtime shifts. You can also put a gallery of your favorite toys and things; how about a Rubik cube to test your mind during vacant hours, or a little wind-up robot to keep you entertained.

While offices are meant for work, work doesn’t have to be so boring. Use these tips and create an inspiring setting for you to enjoy your weekdays!