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Bring the Soothing Sounds of Water to your Office with these Small Fountains

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Are you looking for a way to bring a little calm into your indoor life? Whether in your home or at your business, a small tabletop fountain can add both style and serenity to an otherwise static room. Water creates motion, and the sound it makes as it flows across various surfaces is something that can be transformative for any space. Take a look at some of these affordable options and hopefully you’ll be able to find some inspiration, or maybe even something specific, you can use to bring a little motion into your life.

Large Sierra Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain

Bring a piece of the night sky to your home with this interesting piece. The Large Sierra Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain invokes thoughts of the moon, reflecting light in the darkness of space. Water flows from holes in copper-look tubing, down across a striking piece of multi-colored slate, then onto a bed of rounded river stones. The slate is illuminated by a ring of LED lights which sit directly beneath it, reflecting in the water as it gracefully rolls toward its final destination. The fountain includes an adjustable flow valve, so you can set the speed to match the volume and sound to perfectly fit your environment. With its sleek construction and modern style, this piece is designed to impress anyone who sees it. For more on this mysterious work of art, click here.

Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain

Feng Shui, for those who believe in it, teaches that curves and rounded edges are better than straight lines. They encourage the flow of energy, which is what you want if you are attempting to create a positive environment. This Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain works in that way. Atop a curved and rounded piece of natural green slate sits a collected of smooth river stones. Sitting above this is the beautiful center of this piece, a copper-colored sphere, from which bubbles forth water, gently flowing onto the stones below. As the water flows across the sphere’s surface, it creates different patterns and plays with light as it reflects off the sphere and the water itself. This all works together to culminate in a single beautiful piece of art which can bring style and sophistication to any room. More details on this piece can be found here.

Moon Light Tabletop Fountain

With its enchanting white light, which illuminates the water bubbling up from its core, the Moon Light Tabletop Fountain is a treasure to behold. As though plucked from some elven castle in a fantasy film, it captures both the eye and the imagination. The water flows from the center, across glass stones and edges, dropping onto a second level and flowing, finally, into a copper-colored bowl below. With its adjustable flow speed, setting the fountain to sound exactly as you like is absolutely an option, and certainly something to consider if you want to customize the mood of your room. The look and feel of this piece is unique, but can still be made to fit any room with a little creativity and imagination. If you can use a little fantasy in your life, click here.

Mantra Indoor Table Fountain

Like charms hanging from a Japanese torii, three pebbles dangle from a crossbeam above a single, oversized stone. From the center of the stone bubbles a constant stream of water, gently rolling across the stone’s surface and into the pool of water below. The Mantra Indoor Table Fountain may seem simple, but its hand-crafted design is one meant to invoke feelings of calm. From its wood-grain finish to the natural stones, this fountain seeks to create a Zen-like atmosphere for those who choose to place it in their home or office. At nearly two feet tall, it’s a piece that is hard to miss in both its size and uniqueness. Find peace with this piece here.

Waterdrop Tabletop Fountain

The Roman’s may have been famous for it, but now you can bring the technology of ancient aqueducts into your home for art and relaxation. As water flows from each outlet onto the next, it creates a variety of sounds, calming and soothing anyone who hears or sees. Like the aqueducts of old, the copper outcroppings transport the water, from left to right, alternating before releasing it onto the smooth river rocks below. Made of natural slate, the 19-inch tower itself is striking, featuring sharp angles and a weathered look. With only a little imagination, one could believe it was constructed by the ancient Romans, then transported with care to your living room or office, set to bring its calm elegance to you and your guests. Treat yourself to a little time travel by clicking here.

Tacora Horizontal Tabletop | Wall Fountain

Every room can use a little more color. The Tacora Horizontal Fountain does just that. Whether you’re using it in its tabletop configuration or have it placed on a wall, this fountain’s varying shades of slate, along with the halogen light placed above them, bring a multitude of hues into your home or office. Featuring more than two dozen horizontal pieces of slate, all in various shades and with various textures, this fountain is really something special. As water flows from the top, each piece of stone is touched, causing different refractions of light and sound. Once the water hits the rounded river rocks below, a final splash can be heard before the water makes its way to the top to continue back down again. There is no denying the creativity and beauty of this fountain. To add it to your home, click here.

You don’t need a large focal piece to make a splash in your home or office. A small fountain, placed strategically, can bring a calming ambiance to any room. Placed on a table, a countertop or even hung from a wall, a water fixture makes for an excellent conversation piece and, if nothing else, something to enjoy while attempting to relax or waiting for your next appointment.