Choosing And Maintaining Wall Fountains

Feb 9th 2015

Choosing and Maintaining Indoor Wall Fountains

Whether you are trying to generate positive energy in a space, create a tranquil environment, or simply incorporate a little nature into your décor, indoor wall fountains are the way to go. They improve the visual appeal of the space they occupy, but they also make you feel good inside. Water features even make a room healthier. Try getting all those benefits from a regular piece of art! Of course, choosing the right one and learning how to properly maintain it are the two concerns that arise with this type of purchase.

Choosing the Right Indoor Water Feature

If you have even briefly started shopping for indoor fountains then you know that there is a huge selection to choose from these days. Chances are good the selection is greater than you were expecting to have to pick from. Although, having a huge selection is good news for you, it also makes the decision a lot harder.

Before deciding on one take a good look at the wall and room you are shopping for and try to envision what you would like to see there. You may already have an idea, so you just need to find one that will bring your vision to life.

Consider Location First

Do you want a large horizontal one to take up the main wall in your living room? If you put a small one in your entryway will your home be more welcoming?

If you are not really sure where you want to mount one, use the principles of Feng Shui to make your decision. The science behind this practice can help guide you through placement of water elements in any room in your home.

Choosing a water wall is a lot easier when you know where you want it mounted and what look you are hoping to achieve. If you have a material in mind, this will help make your decision easier, as well.

How to Maintain Indoor Water Walls

It is important to understand that indoor water walls do require ongoing maintenance. You need to be prepared to schedule routine cleaning sessions into your schedule a few time a year. When one is permitted to get dirty it diminishes the visual appeal and benefits it once offered.

First, you will need to maintain the water level. Fountains in dry environments will need water added more often. On a happy note, all that water being lost through evaporation is making the air in your home more comfortable and healthier.

Every few days you should give it a good wipe down and every couple of months it needs to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned to remove algae growth and traces of minerals. Some choose to clean monthly, others go as long as three months.

Never turn your indoor wall fountain on while empty, as this can damage the pump. To prevent mineral deposits use distilled water, and to reduce splashing and create a different sound, add rocks or stones to the bottom.