How to Control the Trickling Sound of Your Fountain

Jul 9th 2016

Let's admit it: one of the reasons why you have purchased an indoor water fountain is for the trickling sound it brings to your home. There's something enticing about the magical streaming of water. It tickles your creativity and gives you a sense of calm. Of course, falling water is what fountains are all about. But what happens when the sound is too much for your ears? Is there any way to lessen the sound of trickling water so that you don't get distracted by it?

Different water features produce different watery sounds. Some fountains offer quiet trickles, like the ones on the tabletop. There are fountains that produce a constant, continuous cascade just like the water features installed on the wall. Other indoor fountains present a loud, exciting jetting of water as liquid is sprayed from atop the installation and flutters down below to a streaming pond.

The sound of the fountain is mainly influenced by the style of the water feature you have purchased. It is necessary to discover what kind of sounds these fountains produce before buying them; make sure they will offer a pleasant atmosphere and will not be a hindrance to your daily living. But a different scenario is a change of the sound of the water fountain which you have already bought for a time. If your feature has started to produce sounds louder than the normal, here are some factors you need to look into.

Perhaps your pump is causing the noise. A noisy pump is a result of not having enough water for your fountain. How to avoid this? Make sure that the water completely covers up the pump. Continue to add a few more measures of water until the noise stops.

If this doesn't solve the problem, maybe it's the pump vibrating against the installation. Adjust the pump's location. You can also add a sponge beneath or beside your pump, depending on where it hits. This prevents the vibration and reduces the sound.

Sometimes, your fountain may result to having water splashed on the floor, and this may cause unwanted sounds. Your indoor fountain is made not to splash on the floor. The feature may not be assembled properly and it is better to readjust the whole installation. Make sure the water level is just the right amount: not too high and not too low. To prevent the water from splashing off the fountain, add river rocks on the basin.

A few tips on adjusting the water pump:

Make sure that the water fountain is unplugged before you touch it. Locate the pump when the feature is cleared from electricity.

See to it that the pump is fully submerged into the water. If parts of your pump is exposed, it can pull in the air which may be the culprit of the noise. Add water to the basin so that the pump no longer appears on the surface.

Reducing the speed of water flow may help you sold the noise problem. You can easily do this by turning the pump all the way down. There are special pumps which have adjustable features; the lower the water volume that jets through the head, the quieter the pump is. This is due to the less force of the flow.

Dust and debris can get into your pump which may cause the noise. At best, replace the pump filter at least once every month. The clog and accumulation hinder the water flow and creates the noise within the pump. Some particles, like hair and water deposits, may cause that unwanted buildup.