Indoor Fountains on a Budget

It’s no secret that decor can get expensive. Sculpture and paintings can definitely wrack up a heck of a bill, and a nice fountain can really shoot it up into the stratosphere. This doesn’t have to necessarily be the rule, however. As is usually the case, every rule has its exceptions, and such can be said for indoor fountains.

If you’re on a budget but want to bring the elegance of a fountain into your home, there are some budget-friendly options you may want to consider. Not everything impressive is extravagant. You can find beauty in small indoor fountains or an indoor tabletop water fountain just as easily as you can something much larger. Let’s take a look.

Tabletop Fountains

If you don’t have a lot of floor or wall space for a fountain, consider adding one onto your table. The Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain is an excellent choice for that. At only eight inches tall, it doesn’t take up a load of space, but still provides a great look for your environment. Water emerges from the top of the sphere, bubbling up and then gliding slowly down its face into the rocks circling the sphere in a tray of black resin upon a base of green slate. It is simple in concept, but complex in construction. Multiple materials combine to create a piece you’re unlikely to see in anyone else’s home or office.

If you’re not feeling the sphere, perhaps bringing a little bit of the night sky to the table is a better fit for you. The Large Sierra Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain is another good option for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want a little class. This fountain is pretty cool. A piece of dark slight hangs beneath a copper pipe from which water emits. It rolls down the face of the stone into a pile of river rocks in a basin below. As that basin fills, water pours over the edges into a larger basin which then recirculates it. The two sections mean you’ll have multiple sounds of water flowing and the look itself is calming, to say the least. It’s like staring into the moonlit sky.

Wall Fountains

I know when I think of wall fountains, I think of crazy high prices. I would never be able to afford one. This is, however, simply not the case. Wall fountains are great elements to add to a home or office. They keep floor space free and, frankly, they just look really nice. The Serene Water Wall Fountain gives you a number of options to really make it suit your style and it looks fantastic, to boot. If you’re in a smaller room, I would recommend going with the mirrored surface, but they all have something to offer. As for the fountain, its lighted flow of water means you’re going to have a good sensation of movement as the water flows down the face of whichever material you choose. Additionally, thanks to the inclusion of the rocks below, you’ll hear plenty of that relaxing tinkling of water as it falls and flows around the stones.

With the Horizon Falls Medium NSI Slate Wall Fountain with Black Onyx Trim, you’re trading in some of those customization options for supreme elegance. The dark trim helps the water and slate stand out in nearly any environment. The included light also helps in this regard while also illuminating the water as it flows and maneuvers across the face of the slate background. Since it’s just over two feet high and three feet wide, it’s not too big to fit on a wall somewhere. Due to its rectangular shape, it would do well above items in your home. A plant or a piece of furniture could benefit from something like this hanging above it.

Floor Fountains

Floor fountains do have the downside of taking up a fair bit of space sometimes, but the tradeoff is an impressive piece of art in your home you will be happy to show off for years to come. The Gardenfall Etched Bamboo Floor Water Fountain is one such item. Though it only stands four feet tall, it has a lot to offer. The bamboo art etched onto the glass surface panel gives the water an interesting design over which it can flow. Since it is designed for indoor or outdoor use, this could be a great addition to a sunroom or some other area you might find yourself relaxing from time to time.

If you’re in the market for something a little bigger, and more intricate, the Shimmering Curves Floor Water Fountain has some potential for you. With its interestingly patterned front facing side, water will have a bumpy journey as it travels the nearly six-foot length of this fountain. The face curves in and out, with each section covered in small ridges. Once water hits the rocks below, it makes a great sound and begins its journey anew. A light positioned at the top of the fountain helps to illuminate the liquid from start to finish.

My personal favorite floor fountain, however, is the four-foot-tall Traverse Floor Water Fountain. Water falls from platform to platform, down 14 levels onto polished river stones before being recirculated to make the trip again. The interesting colors and flow of the water have me wanting to stare at it for hours. Each platform fills and pours over, creating multiple water sounds. I see myself falling asleep listening to this thing every night.

It’s safe to say adding a beautiful water to your fountain isn’t necessarily cheap, and you don’t want it to be if you want quality work. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. It’s all a matter of finding what’s right for you then making sure you’re paying for quality materials. I hope some of the examples shown here might help convince you that you need a fountain in your life, because I think everyone does. Good luck!