Indoor Fountains with Abstract Art Paintings

Posted by Candace Osmond on Jun 30th 2017

Contemporary and modern decor feature beautiful color palettes in simple, elegant applications. Rooms are built with accent colors in mind, and lend themselves to conversation pieces both on and off the wall. Underutilized space can make your home feel empty or distant, and if your living room suffers from this, it becomes less the heart of the home and more the translational stop between coming and going. You, your family, friends, and visitors should find this central location both relaxing and energizing, inspirational and comfortable. Resist the sterile and boost your room’s conversational appeal with some seriously bold (and surprisingly functional) wall decor for your living room.

When someone talks about functional art, especially when it comes to wall decor for living rooms, there’s a good chance they’re referring to something that goes beyond simply hanging on the wall. Paintings and sculpture are beautiful on their own, and mirrors can be both attractive and functional, but let’s take it a step further. Add an attractive conversation piece that works for its keep through the soothing sound of natural water.

Central Park West Wall Fountain

This is the piece for maximum visual impact. Maximalism is quickly replacing minimalism in many fashionable homes, and if you’re ready to leap into the next big thing, the Central Park West Wall Fountain is your top choice for a metal water fountain sculpture. Made to order, this copper and acrylic art piece is breathtaking in all its colorful and bold geometric glory and can be customized in dimensions, colors, and materials. Hand-painted on the dry side of the acrylic water face, the image is sealed against dampness and wear for permanence. That panel is set inside a heat-finished copper frame and basin. This provides a sense of living, three-dimensional depth to the flowing water. An integrated pump and plumbing allows the water to flow evenly and constantly, so you never have to go without the soft, comforting ambiance. Optional LED lighting is available, emits no heat, and is rated for 200,000 hours. The basic dimensions start at 48"H x 29"W x 9"D, and 42 pounds, but as each piece is made in the USA to the client’s customization, the final product will be singularly unique.

Jigsaw Universe Wall Fountain

Unique even among other pieces of large abstract wall art, the combination of heavy black shapes and bright, hand-painted colors in the Jigsaw Universe Wall Fountain turn what would have otherwise been a fountain that’s simply “good enough” into a stunning piece of art worth your time and wall space. Barely contained by a heat-treated copper frame, you’re looking at a piece of art that shines whether or not the water flows, and its vibrancy will surely add a burst of vivacity to any room you choose to feature. The water basin flows well with the rest of the frame, catching and recycling the water through an integrated plumbing system that allows a smooth, constant flow over the front of the Lexan acrylic panel, keeping the painting safe and secure under a wearproof and damp-proof protective coating on the other side. While it’s normal sizing starts at 8”W x 32”H and 60 pounds, the Jigsaw Universe Wall Fountain is customizable and artisan crafters work hard to create a piece that matches the size, color scheme, light hood, and LED lighting system options that you want in your final piece.

Salamanka Wall Fountain

Elegance meets abstract when the Salamanka Wall Fountain stands tall in your living room. Designed in much the same style as the Jigsaw Universe, the Salamanka fills its copper frame with a bold restraint, fielding bright geometrics and thin connective gold fibers in an orderly chaos of beautiful color. This is a piece that comes alive when viewed from behind the organic curtain of flowing water. As the water courses through its path, the shapes and lines mingle and move in a way that is custom to your unique piece, a dance that you can shape through your choice of dimensions, materials, and color. Even when the water is off and the LED lights don’t shine, the Salamanka still glows bold and elegant through the Lexan acrylic panels. Starting at 37”W x 48”H and a delightfully light 38 pounds, this is a metal water fountain sculpture that takes full advantage of a fountain’s practical functionality and innate beauty to turn your empty wall space into a beautiful feature.

Saturday in Brazil Wall Fountain

If you like the bold geometry of the Jigsaw Universe but prefer the vertical arrangement of the Salamanka, you’ll fall in love immediately with the Saturday in Brazil Wall Fountain. With texture and effect found only in hand-painted craft, the uniqueness of each incarnation is truly singular to you and your desires. Wall paintings for living rooms are common, but turning a painting into a living work of art is where Saturday in Brazil really comes into its own. While the dimensions are customizable to every order, this piece’s basic dimensions start at 48"W x 32"H and it weighs about 50 pounds including the heat-treated copper frame and integrated water pump and piping. While LED lighting is not offered for Saturday in Brazil, the pure amount of color and depth more than makes up for it, and the copper patina on the frame and the flowing water take full advantage of environmental lighting for provide glimmer and shine.

Sorcery Triptic Wall Fountain

All right, when I said that the Central Park West wall fountain was the epitome of maximum visual impact, I may have been leaving the best for last. A tryptich is a classic Greek term for an art piece that comes in three panels, and while modern takes aren’t rare, the Sorcery Triptic combines Byzantine-era roots with an abstract art approach that evokes the likes of Robert Heinlein and classic science fiction without losing the high-fashion impact of well-crafted, hand-painted art. Keep the piece nearby, or split the three panels up to create a flow of artistic vision that encompasses the entire room. The central fountain piece starts at a size of 36"W x 72"H and the flanking satellite panels sit at 18"W x 72"H, though the dimensions, colors, and materials are still available for customization, making this Made in the USA masterpiece uniquely yours and an excellent central piece.