Indoor Wall Fountains for Your Home

Do you want to want to put a fountain in your home but are lacking in floor space? A wall mounted indoor fountain could be the perfect answer.

These stunning designs seem to suspend water on the walls themselves as they take up minimal space but make maximum impact.

Coming in a wide range of colours, designs and styles these wall fountains are a brilliant way to create your very own water wall in your home.

There’s nothing better than the soothing sound of water to welcome you home after a long day, so read through our guide to the different types of wall fountains and you can make the right choice for your home.


Wall fountains can come in a range of materials. You can have glass, steel, real stone or false stone and wood.

Ceramic is also becoming more popular but it is generally more expensive than other man made options.


For a really modern home, you can get a large wall mounted fountain that is surrounded by a stainless steel frame and shows water cascading through a frame behind glass or Perspex. LED lights and other effects can be used to show the fountain off and make it a really unique feature.

Using steel to cascade water over is a really stunning effect and coupled with LED lights at the top and bottom of the frame it can really add impact. You don’t have to worry about the water going behind a glass or Perspex screen with these designs as the water jets are aimed at the steel or glass surface so it won’t splash everywhere.

A more traditional design would be similar to the ones seen in Italian villas and Roman residences for thousands of years. Sconces set against the wall hold a main basin with other, smaller basins that water trickles through.

You can order these with moulded lions heads or even decorative leaves to give your home a more traditional feel.

For a really unusual look, you can use a piece of real slate to form the waterfall section of your wall fountain and create almost a natural look to the water feature.


Deciding where to put your wall mounted fountain is a matter of personal choice and it does also come down to what wall space you have available in your property.

Tips from the ancient art of Feng Shui say where you place a fountain in your home denotes different things.

In the East, it will bring you good fortune for health and family, the southeast is for wealth and money and the north is the career and path in life.

Another thing worth considering is what you want to get from your feature. If you have an area of the house you like to use to entertain guests, then a wall mounted fountain could give you a great talking point and conversation starter.