Lower Your Stress Level with A Tabletop Water Feature in Your Office

We need water to survive; everyone knows this, but more than just drinking enough water every day being in the presence of some small water source also has several benefits! People are quickly discovering benefits of water fountains and the stress relieving components they can bring to your every day life. If your office is eerily silent or has constant irritating sounds such as ringing phones or buzzing fluorescent lights then the calming noise of running water could give you the energy and patience it takes to get through your day. The water also acts as a natural humidifier, keeping moisture in the air which is especially important during the winter months when the heated indoors have very little moisture, leading to dry skin and frizzy hair! Water fountains can also act as an air purifier, attracting dust while looking and sounding a lot nicer than the traditional ionic air purifier. No matter what you are looking to use it for, a small water fountain can bring nothing but good things to your space.

Zen Moonshadow Slate Tabletop Water Fountain

The beauty of this fountain is in the details. It includes a lunar shaped piece of slate with genuine colouring only to be enhanced by the water flowing over the smooth stone. The water then drips down into a bed of polished river rocks and the entirety of the centre is illuminated with an LED light to create some ambience in an otherwise dully lit space. At just 15” in height and width, this little fountain is perfectly suitable for any desk, shelf or counter. The chic black satin finish also allows it to fit into any room’s colour scheme bringing a bit of character to any space! Boasting a quick and east set-up, you can go from stressed to serene in just 10 minutes. You can also adjust the water flow and switch it on and off with ease. Turn your cubicle or home office into a tiny zen oasis with this beautiful tabletop fountain that’s sure to make all your co-workers wishing they had one too.

Moon Light Tabletop Fountain

For those of you who like a little more shine and glamour this may suit you perfectly! This stunning glass fountain will brighten up your life and make you happier just looking at it. Even if it made no noise at all it would be something you would want in every room due to the gorgeous features, but the relaxing sound of the running water on top of that makes it a must-have. The water bubbles up from the middle of the top tier, flows through the glass rocks and then cascades over the scalloped edges. The LED light included in this fountain shines through the water makes it shimmer while giving the entire piece a soft glowing appearance, which against the dark copper bowl looks beautiful and inviting. Small enough to fit on end tables and dressers, yet striking enough to catch the attention of anyone in the room, this 6.5” high fountain will keep you calm and peaceful as you work through your busy day.

Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain

Combining different geometric shapes into a design has always given a certain level of dimension and sophistication to a space, so why stop at combining square and circular pillows? This fountain features a copper-coloured stainless steel gazing sphere atop a square black resin holding tray. The water flows seamlessly over the top of the sphere and down into a bed of river stones making the water sound similar to that of a gentle stream. The base is made of natural green slate and the piece as a whole has a very earthy appearance, as if it were composed from nature itself. The sophistication and colouration of this fountain would make it suitable for any living room, foyer or office and at just 8” high and 9” wide it would effortlessly fit into any one of those spaces, creating a serene environment for whomever should enter it.

Waterdrop Tabletop Fountain

The sound of rain is one of the most calming sounds in the world so why wouldn’t you want to have that sound around you all day? Life can get stressful and hectic and sometimes it’s nice to take a moment to breathe and find a sense of balance. This fountain would help you do just that by using the ancient aqueduct technology which moves the water through different levels of the fountain. The water falling from level to level will create a more prominent sound effect than other fountains and when you’re taking that moment to breathe watching the water move so fluidly will help to relax you. Carefully constructed from natural slate, the colours found in this fountain will fit perfectly with any décor and the polished river stones that lie at the bottom give a sense of dimension and balance to the otherwise square, sturdy structure. Standing taller than most other tabletop fountains, this piece is sure to stand out in any room, if the sound of the trickling water doesn’t attract you first.

People have incorporated fountains into their outdoor spaces for a long time, but rarely do they make an appearance indoors. With the growing evidence that fountains can assist with stress and the calming effect they have on nearly everyone it won’t be much of a surprise to find small fountains popping up in more and more indoor spaces. These perfectly sized fountains will bring a level of ambiance and intrigue to offices, kitchens, bedrooms, and foyers, and will feed visitors with the divine energy of one of the earth’s strongest elements, while emitting soothing sounds to calm and relax them. Whether you are looking to spruce up a space with the allure of the Moonlight Tabletop Fountain, or you simply want to enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to water flow over slate and rocks from the earth such as in the Zen Moonshadow, there is a fountain to suit your every want and need.