Make Your Business Entrance Inviting with a Logo Water Feature

Something about the sight and sound of running water makes anyone feel more peaceful. As a business owner, you want to put your customers’ minds at ease and reassure them that you will take care of whatever they need. What better way to make a statement, promote your brand and relax your potential clients than with a beautiful water feature branded with your company logo to greet customers as soon as they walk in. Having a focal feature in your entrance will create an atmosphere of sophistication that tells the customers that you are serious about the work you do and that you want to provide them with the highest quality service. Water fountains are the perfect type of focal feature to have and as day to day work stresses try to get the best of you, you will reap the relaxing benefits of the fountain as well.

Calming Waters Wall Water Fountain

There are so many different colouring options for this fountain that it can be completely customizable, and adding your logo will only make this a more unique show piece in your business entrance. Choose between 3 different colours of Featherstone or a bronze or silver mirror to achieve the look you want and then accent it with the option of 7 different frame finishes including the new premium finishes of stainless steel or rustic copper. You can also add on a selection of different stones and even an LED light to really make it shine, even in the evening hours. This wall fountain is easily installed, so set-up is simple, and the sleek design will fit in with your existing décor, complimenting and adding an element of sophistication to the space! The unit is quiet so all you will here is the gentle trickling water but the water is also fully contained so you don’t need to worry about any splashing or leaking of any kind. This fountain is 53.5” long and 34” high so it will make a stunning feature for your customers to see as soon as they walk in, and your logo will be unforgettable when accompanied by this striking design.

Olympus Falls Water Fountain

Whether you opt for more simplistic styles of décor or you prefer many different eye catching pieces in one room, this fountain will immediately become a new featured favourite. This 75” wide and 54” high wall mount is a total show stopper and can be as unique as you and your business! Customize everything from the type of stone backdrop to the trim style and frame finish; and don’t forget to add your logo or motto so that your brand really stands out to your customers. This gorgeous fountain features a pebble splash guard tray and polished river rocks. Another splash guard hides the pump from view so the piece looks as smooth and clean as possible, and prevents any sort of splashing to avoid slippery floors and unhappy clients. It also features a dimmer switch to adjust the 50 watt lights and set whichever level of ambiance you prefer, as well as an easy to use pull chain that allows you to decide whether you would like the fountain and the lights on, just the water on, or just the lights on! Customize this fountain even further by opting for LED bulbs which can emit 12 different colours and produce strobe, flash and fade effects! Installation is also a breeze with the easy to follow DVD, so this fountain will be attracting the eyes of everyone in the room in no time.

Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain

The name says it all as tranquil will be how everyone in your workplace feels with this striking feature fountain greeting them. Standing at an impressive 90”, the bottom of the fountain will sit on the floor with the back flush against the wall so as to not be an obstruction in the middle of your entry way. Decide if it’s a Featherstone, marble or mirror surface that would really make your business logo on the front stand out and then choose between 4 frame finishes to complete the design. The water will trickle down the front and into the pebble splash guard tray which will eliminate the possibility of a wet floor hazard and the superior water distribution system allows the water to flow smoothly without clogging or spraying. The heavy duty tray liner has been extensively tested and will not leak or deteriorate with long time use so you and your customers can enjoy the sight and sounds of this fountain for years to come. The lighting is situated at the top of the water feature so you can see every little water stream gliding effortlessly over the beautifully detailed material underneath; the marble especially would look stunning under the top lights. Adding this breathtaking Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain to your place of business will leave a lasting impression on your customers and will have them feeling relaxed and eager to return.

Treat your customers, your employees and yourself to the peaceful sound of a waterfall feature that is also quite a sight to behold, and compliment your entrance décor with the many colour selections available for any one of these stunning pieces. Don’t forget to add your logo or motto, perhaps even an LED light emitting your company colours so that your customers never forget the place that made them feel so calm and comfortable. Purify the air in your space with one of the open water features, or just enjoy the lovely sound of the running water in a completely sealed fountain. If you just want to add an extra piece to your existing decoration or you’re looking for that truly stand out focal point, any one of these fountains will draw the eye and have customers telling friends and family of your beautiful space.