Mesmerizing Water Panel Bubble Fountains - Everything You Need To Know

Water fountains are popular in any style of home, but bubble style panel fountains are somewhat of the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to water feature designs. Needless to say, they are mesmerizing and if you are thinking about adding one to your it! Even though bubble panels have more of a modern look to them, they still work well with any design and make for an easy focal point regardless of the area size you live in. You know what they look like, but what exactly are they and how do they work? Let’s learn all about this neat water feature and why you need one.

They Are Very Low Maintenance

This is the first topic listed simply because it’s one of the first pros or cons you’ll think of before adding a bubble wall to your home. How often will I have to clean it? Will it have to be taken apart and washed? Will it cause any damage to the rest of my home from leaks, etc? These are all questions with very simple answers - they are very minimal maintenance, it won’t need to be taken apart, and the panels are strong enough to ensure it will never leak.

Whether you order one and install it yourself or have professionals add it to your home, always look over the panels yourself and check for any cracks. This will ease your mind about the process and save you from any future hassles. Bubble walls come with a drain, and if you notice algae buildup (it won’t occur for a very long time) all you have to do is drain it and replace the water. Bubble fountains were made for people who dread the maintenance that comes with regular fountains.

What They Are And How They Work

Water panel bubble fountains are a gorgeous type of water features that can be tiny for small spaces or take up entire walls. They are a modern water feature and are commonly seen in fancy restaurants, medical facilities, spas, resorts and hotels, casinos, and thousands of other places. People choose bubble fountains because they require hardly any upkeep, add beauty and uniqueness to an area, and create a calming feeling when watched.

These fountains, both small and large, are created with highly durable acrylic panels and sealed tightly to prevent leakage. Water is inserted and air flows through to create the bubbles. One of the greatest factors about bubble walls is how they can seemingly come in any shape and size, and even have LED systems so you can add color and glow. They have been made into free-standing pillars, flat wall features, table legs (yes, a bubble table!), standing wave-shaped, and much more. You have tons of stock options and can even customize a bubble fountain yourself. Options and designs are endless and after installation, all you have to do is enjoy the view.

The Price Range
The final cost of a water panel bubble fountain or feature is ultimately up to you and how extravagant you want to push it. Prices range anywhere from $200 - $5,000. The lower price option being a small almost lava lamp style feature and the highest price is something like a full wall design with interchangeable LED lights and custom bubble swirls - something you’d probably see in a large hospital or resort. With bubble fountains, it’s so easy to stay within your own personal budget because there is typically a size or design for every price limit.

Final Thoughts

Something that looks so intricate and breathtaking is actually maintenance free and easy to install. This makes bubble fountains a #1 pick for people’s homes or businesses - even large corporations simply to create a more calming and aesthetically pleasing area. They work great everywhere, can be installed nearly anywhere, and you can remain within your budget due to how many different design and size options you can choose from.

In addition, they steal the attention and are excellent for those who have a modern minimalist decor style. With a bubble wall, you won’t need to worry about any extra large or fancy decor so they end up eventually paying themselves off over the years without the need to decorate the area any further (other than furniture, of course). All of these factors combined make water panel bubble fountains a hot topic and a huge hit in the water feature market and any person or business looking to impress should have one.