Spruce Up Your Guest Bedroom or Bathroom

Posted by Candace Osmond on Jan 26th 2017

Having guests over to stay can be both an exciting and a nerve-wrecking time. If they are staying in your home, it usually means that you know them quite well. However, even people that you know well might judge you on the state of your guest bathroom. Make sure that you give them a reason to love coming over by following a few simple tips. Following are a few recommendations that we would consider doing in our own homes.

Install an indoor fountain

There are few things more serene than the sound of water gently flowing into a basin. Indoor fountains are beautiful pieces of art that can be easily placed in any room, especially if you do one of our art wall fountains! They will do especially well in a guest bathroom to increase the sense of peace and tranquility while showering and cleaning up.

Keep the colours light

Light colours are reminiscent of those that are used in a spa. When you guest is lying down in the bathtub, they can look around at the peaceful colours around them and just relax.

Add lots of storage space

Even though your guests will not be using the space for a long period of time, they will still appreciate if you make them comfortable. Add storage cupboards where your guests can place their belongings. Otherwise, you could make sure there is sufficient space on the counter for them to lay out their items.

Utilize fabrics

Being surrounded by comfortable fabric can make your guests feel right at home. Place certain items in the bathroom that can add to this feeling. For example, soft towels, a shower curtain, and window coverings can achieve the desired effect.

Dual sinks

If you have not yet finished creating your guest bathroom, it may be worth your while to consider adding double sinks. If you have a couple staying over in your guest room, they will appreciate this extra convenience. They will both be able to get ready in the morning, speeding up efficiency.


Never underestimate the effect that a few candles can have on the atmosphere. Candles add warmth and good scents to a guest bathroom or bedroom. When lit, they provide guests with a sense of calmness and peace.

Sprucing up your guest bedroom does not have to be a daunting task. You simply have to put yourself in the guest’s perspective. What would you like to see when you are using a guest bathroom? This will make it easier when you are picturing what you should add to the space. Your guests will appreciate the extra touches that you are adding to the space dedicated to them.