The Coolest Indoor Fountains for Musicians and Music Lovers

Posted by Candace Osmond on Feb 22nd 2017

Decorating a house can be a lot of fun regardless of who you are. You have the ability to take an empty slate and make it entirely unique to your preferences. Decorating can be more fun if you have a clear passion for something. For example, if you are a music lover, you can decorate the home to showcase that love. You could hang guitars on the wall, or place stereos throughout the home. Another way that you could demonstrate your love for music is by placing an indoor fountain in the home. There are many options of fountains that are made especially for people who love music. We will be discussing a few selections in the article below.

Classic Rock Wall Fountain

This fountain is a creative abstract design in the form of a guitar. It is large, classic yet still simple. The fountain is made using a variety of colours and materials. Seeing as this particular model is made to order, your fountain will be entirely unique from any one else’s. Copper and acrylic make up this artifact, which typically comes in at about 40 pounds. The plumbing is integrated into the fountain, and the basin has water gently flowing out the front of the guitar. The sound that is produced from the fountain has the ability to calm your mind and put your bad thoughts to rest. Simply closing your eyes and listening to the trickling noise can be a good relaxation strategy. More information can be read here.

Mandolin Player Wall Fountain

This beautiful wall fountain has the design of a mandolin hand painted on it. There are a large number of bright colours incorporated with this sculpture. The water will slowly flow from the top of the mandolin to the bottom. There is a sealant on the model, to prevent any moisture from sneaking through. The copper frame and basin are set with a heat finished to remain stable. This fountain is great for people to admire, because it resembles a large painting. It could be placed in an area of prominence, so that it is easy for friends and guests to admire. They are sure to be enthralled by the intriguing design. If you are curious about this fountain, click here.

Axe Man Wall Fountain

The inspiration for this fountain came from the member of a rock and roll group. This is the ‘secret’ meaning behind the fountain that definitely will appeal to some people. If they recognized that it is the name of a real person, they will enjoy the knowledge of understanding the meaning behind the fountain. There is a design of several instruments on this fountain; abstractly portrayed. There is a lovely trickling sound of water flowing down the fountain. As with the other models, this fountain takes the appearance of a sculpture or painting. This fountain cannot be used outside of the house, and is only indoor use. If you want to read more, additional information about this fountain can be found here.

Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain

Although fountains are beautiful pieces, it is not often that they will tell such a dominant story as this one does. This model definitely celebrates the tradition of Jamaican culture. There are a wide assortment of bright colours that make the observer feel happy. It will remind the owner of the bright colours and tropical features of Jamaica. If you have been there before, it may remind you of the good times that you spent there. If you have never visited Jamaica, this fountain will show you the types of beautiful cultural features that the country provides. It will make a nice focal point wherever you place it in the house. The plumbing is integrated into the fountain, and the pump is submersible. This means that the plumbing will not show through the painted design of the fountain. If you wish, you could add LED lights to the fountain, to make a more pronounced display. The Jamaica Farewell Fountain brings life and color to any room. 

Sonatina Wall Fountain

This gorgeous fountain has a display of musical notes painted on it. The notes have a special meaning. They are the first three notes Cameron Harvey’s first sonatina. This will definitely appeal to those of us who appreciate good music. If you recognize the notes, this fountain will be even more meaningful to you personally. Even if you do not recognize the music notes, the fountain is sure to please you. It is a beautiful piece that would light up any room that you put it on. If you want your fountain to be different than the typical measurements, you could order a unique model in specially. This is helpful if you decide that you want the fountain to be in a different colour, or have it made a little bit smaller. In case you are worried about water damage, the fountain is protected from leaks due to a special sealant. More information about this particular fountain can be found here.

Being a music lover is a great thing. You have the ability to treasure the beautiful sound that is music. It is also great because you can decorate your home in such a way that exemplifies your love for music. Indoor fountains are good pieces to put in your home because they can be designed in specific ways. They can take the appearance of musical features, or instruments. They can remind you of songs or memories of the past. Indoor fountains also have the bonus of being beautiful in themselves. They can certainly add to the effect of the interior finishes of your home. Indoor fountains can really tie together the entire atmosphere of the room. It completes the look that you were going for, while bringing your personality into the space. Your guests are sure to enjoy the sight of your beautiful indoor fountain when they come over to visit you at your home.