The Many Varieties of Floor Fountains

If you think fountains are one and the same, think again. You'd be surprised to discover how many varieties this versatile water feature has. Indoor fountains, despite being limited by the setting, are no different. Beneath its categories are a plethora of styles and material choices, giving you many possibilities in designing your interior. Previously, we have looked deeper into wall fountains. This time, we're focusing on another popular indoor fountain variety: the floor fountains.

Floor fountains are perfect for indoor use because they are robust. Instead of installing them on the wall or placing them up a table, these fountains stand steadily on its own can covers a variety of lengths and widths. Some features bubbling water on top of a beautiful sphere centerpiece. Some cascades into a beautiful waterfall from top to bottom, using a framed imagery. Some flows from different layers of basin. To let you have a closer look at this type of fountain, here are some of its types, based on its materials.

Slate floor fountains. Slate is a beautiful material for fountains because of its low water absorption characteristics. This fine-grained rock is remarkably sturdy, being composed of either volcanic ash or clay elements. Homebuilders make use of this material for roofing and floor tiles. Its classic gray color matches any interiors, and provides a nostalgic tinge with its stark surface.

Glass and Acrylic floor fountains. Mixed material standing fountains have been a rage for many homes and commercial establishments. Why? The clear material inside the framed rectangular stand offers possibilities for branding. One can also smartly use rows of this floor fountain as a divider. The faint cascade of water dripping down from top to bottom adds a very tasteful charm in the interior. Styles with etched glass are totally appealing.

Copper floor fountains. These water features are among the most sought-after styles, due to the craftsmanship invested upon the malleable metal. Heat treated copper becomes a beautiful part of the fountain, as a frame or basin. Beautiful designs carved on the surface adds more to its intriguing look. This floor fountain is a favorite by people who adores tropical and oriental inspire pieces.

Fiberglass floor fountains. The discovery of fiberglass allows many potential for water features, simply because this material is durable and lightweight. Despite its robustness, it can be molded into different forms. Many commercial establishments make use of this floor fountain type.

Cast stone floor fountains. Last but not least is this all-familiar material used for building fountains—the cast stone. This concrete masonry element has been used for many construction applications. It can be derived from cement, sand, crushed stones and colored minerals. This beautifully replaces natural materials such as slate, limestone and granite. Beautiful yet inexpensive, cast stone floor fountains are great choices for homeowners looking for water features in a budget.

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