The Minimal Cons of Indoor Fountains

Posted by Candace Osmond on Oct 26th 2016

It cannot be denied that indoor fountains definitely have their own charm, as many people love owning them. They are nice to look at, but do you really want to invest in one for the foreseeable future? This post will go over some of the reasons that you might want to think twice before making this kind of purchase.


The sound of water flowing can help reduce stress and calm you down. It is definitely a very relaxing sound to listen to. But for how long do you want to listen to this noise? An indoor fountain will be making a constant noise, as the water will continue re-cycling. If you are trying to get some work done, this noise might actually make you lose focus. If you are easily distracted, the sound of moving water can mesmerize you, and your work won’t end up getting completed.

Moisture in the air

When you have an indoor fountain running in your home, some of the water will be evaporated into the air. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the climate where you live. With the extra moisture in the air, there will be an increase in humidity. If you live in a place that is already very humid, the atmosphere in your home will soon become quite uncomfortable. The humidity levels might become high enough that you will have to start using a dehumidifier to remove the moisture in the air.


Overall, indoor fountains are considered to be very safe. However, accidents can happen even when people are being careful. If there is a large open pool of water, it should not be placed where children or pets can access it. They might become curious about the water, and put their heads in. As well, water fountains are typically quite heavy when they are full. Older children might try to lift the fountain and get hurt.


The biggest risk of an indoor fountain is the possibility that it might leak. If somebody puts too much water into the basin, it might splash out and get the floor wet. Or the basin might become cracked, and become unable to hold the water within it. This can result in disastrous consequences. If enough water spills out of the fountain, the floor can get ruined. As well, the level below can also become damaged. For example, the water can run down into the basement, and soak furniture and possessions.

Indoor fountains can be great things to own. Some people do not mind the distracting noise, and they take precautions against safety and leak issues. However, these are still aspects that should be considered before you a buy a fountain. You do not want to be unpleasantly surprised when you bring your new fountain home and it wasn’t as great as you imagined it to be. Being informed and prepared are the first steps when you consider making any kind of purchase. And make sure to invest in a qualityfountain.