Top 10 Places to Install Indoor Wall Fountain

The aesthetics of your home or business are important in providing the first impression that you deserve. Those experiencing your home or business for the first time will get an overall sense about you or the quality of your business with just one glance.

It may not seem fair but that first impression can mean the world. That is why it is important to make sure that you make that strong first impression with the decorations inside of your home or business.

One of the more underrated decoration accompaniments are indoor wall fountains. An indoor wall fountain works to establish that great first impression in a number of ways. The first of which is that a wall fountain screams luxury. Having a wall fountain in your home or business shows that you are willing to give the luxurious aesthetic that puts you over the top.

The second way that an indoor wall fountain can improve your home or business is that it provides a calming presence. The soothing sound of water can bring any atmosphere into a calm and relaxing state. Being able to provide a soothing presence is something that can make your home or business as relaxing as possible.

The best thing about an indoor wall fountain is that it is versatile in where it can be placed. A home or business can benefit greatly from the addition of an indoor wall fountain to provide those soothing sounds or luxurious aesthetics that can put any room over the top.

Finding the right wall fountain – the size that best fits your room or business – is the only thing that you have to worry about. You can start enjoying all of the benefits of an indoor wall fountain with minimal installation. Begin enjoying the benefits right away.

Where are the best places to install a brand new indoor wall fountain? Here is a comprehensive guide to the top 10 places that would most benefit from an indoor wall fountain.

 1– Lobby

Custom Water Feature for Entry

As previously mentioned, setting an impressive first impression for your business might be the most important aspect of your business. Customers and clients will be impressed as they enter the lobby of your business to be greeted by a luxurious indoor wall fountain.

A wall fountain will show your potential customers and clients that you are a high-end business driven by luxury and quality. You will project an air of success that is imperative to impress prospective clients, making them feel as though they can count of a successful endeavor with your business before they even sit down to meet with you.

Additionally, a wall fountain will allow for that tranquil, relaxed feel that helps ease business transactions along. The stress that comes with selling yourself to a client or customer can be washed away with the sound of rushing water, giving your lobby a peaceful feel of nature as opposed to the stressful environment of business.

Set that standout first impression with a wall fountain for your business’ lobby.

2 – Wine Cellar

Wine cellars can be a bit stuffy and dark, leaving an uncomfortable feeling as you search for the perfect wine for the evening or meal that you are enjoying. Wine cellars are often dimly lit and it can feel like a project to find the perfect wine for the occasion if your wine cellar is densely stocked.

That is why adding an indoor wall fountain to your wine cellar can greatly improve the overall ambiance of the wine cellar. Adding that tranquil, relaxing feeling to your wine cellar can make your next visit all the more pleasant and relaxing.

Not only that, you can make your wine cellar stand out from the rest by adding that luxurious feel brought about by an indoor wall fountain. Your wine cellar can stand as the most luxurious on the block with one simple addition.

One thing to take into consideration: an indoor wall fountain does provide some humidity, so you will need to plan accordingly when installing an indoor wall fountain into your wine cellar.

3 – Doctor or Dentist Waiting Room

There are few things in life that are as stressful and unnerving as having to go to the doctor or dentist. It throws off our day, having to take time away from work or family to have someone prod at you and potentially tell you what may be bothering you physically.

That is why an indoor wall fountain can be such a massive upgrade for a doctor or dentist’s waiting room. Instead of patients focusing on their upcoming appointment, they can relax with the tranquility of a natural waterfall. Relax patients will no doubt mean relaxed appointments and that is best for all involved.

Having the right indoor wall fountain can also give your office a high-end feel that will also put your clients at ease. It may seem silly but feeling like we are in a high-end doctor or dentist’s office gives an air of quality and that puts most of us at ease. And that should be the name of the game: putting your clients at ease.

When your office can provide the right feeling of comfort, it will make for the go-to spot for clients all over town.

4 – A home’s entry way

The entry way – or foyer – of your home sets the tone for the rest of your home. It is the very first thing someone sees when they enter your home and it can affect how the rest of your home is viewed. Making sure that you give the right first impression when someone first enters your home is imperative.

That is where a wall fountain comes in. Anyone entering your home will think they are walking into a luxurious home regardless of whether or not you can afford the finest life has to offer. The wall fountain lets everyone know right off the bat that they are in for an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Not only that, it puts anyone who enters at ease. If someone is visiting your home for the first time, a wall fountain can assuage those awkward feelings by projecting an air of comfort and relaxation. Everyone will want to visit your home after finding out that your home features the relaxing sounds of a wall fountain.

5 – A spa or salon

One of the key aspects of spas and salons is that they are supposed to provide a relaxing atmosphere. For spas especially, clients come for the relaxation, washing away the stresses of life with a comfortable atmosphere and exceptional service.

Having a wall fountain in your spa or salon will only help to accentuate the relaxing feeling that you are hoping to project, providing an ambiance that other businesses can’t hope to match. The experience will be like no other and your business will be remembered for the relaxing atmosphere.

And who doesn’t want to get their services rendered at a high-end salon or spa? That’s what it will feel like when you have an indoor wall fountain, leaving your customers feeling as though they have been given the most luxurious experience possible.

Your spa or salon will feel like the most relaxing, luxurious place in town with the addition of an indoor wall fountain.

6 – Above a fireplace in your home

When at home, relaxation is of the utmost importance. It is your escape from the stresses of the world: work, school, and all of the other responsibilities that life is about. Your home should be the place where you can rest comfortably and recharge before heading back out into the world.

Fireplaces provide that comforting ambiance to any home as well as the warmth that can make us feel truly relaxed. Not only that, the lighting provided by a fireplace can alos provide the perfect mood lighting for you and that special someone.

Adding a wall fountain to the mix will only make that setting all the more comfortable. The sound of falling water will make any room more comfortable and calming, allowing you to relax peacefully and comfortably than ever before. The combination of the fire, its light dancing across every surface of the room, combined with the sound of the wall fountain, will provide your home with a level of comfort that is unparalleled.

7 – Office spaces

Office settings can bring about stress and unease, which is only natural. Most businesses have goals and guidelines to meet and the pressure of meeting those can make for a stressful work environment. Not only that, personalities can clash, turning any work space into an uncomfortable, stressful atmosphere.

That’s why adding an indoor wall fountain to your office space can be an imperative addition. Adding that calming, soothing sound of falling water can bring an overall comfort and sense of ease to any office setting. Employees will feel more relaxed, allowing them to go about their work without the tense nature that can permeate an office setting.

In addition, it can boost the morale of employees to work in a more luxurious setting. Having an indoor wall fountain can provide that air of luxury, leaving employees feeling an aura of success that may not have been there prior.

Having that relaxing, comfortable setting for your employees will mean more work gets done and your business achieves a higher productivity than ever before.

8 – Homes with natural wood floors

There are few things about a home as aesthetically pleasing as wood floors. They provide a rustic, easy feeling while still providing a luxurious, high-end aesthetic. The right wood floors can amplify any home and the right wood floors can stand up to the test of time.

That is why having an indoor wall fountain can really go along well with wooden floors in your home. A wall fountain can provide that relaxing nature feel, allowing you to feel as though a babbling brook is within reach. Those soothing, calming sounds can make any natural wood flooring feel extra natural, providing the feeling of being out in nature.

The all-natural ambiance of wood floors and an indoor wall fountain can make your home the most relaxing space on the block while providing you with the calm, soothing feel of mother nature.

9 – Church Baptistery Rooms

Churches are a place of sanctuary, a place for patrons to feel at one with God and to find peace. That is why having an indoor wall fountain can be a perfect fit for churches with baptistery rooms in particular. The calming ambiance of the falling water can bring an additional feeling of peace to any who partake.

Whenever patrons visit the baptistery room of their local church, they can feel at peace and ease thanks to the wonderfully calming experience that can be brought about by an indoor wall fountain. Conveying that sense of peace is extremely important.

Finding that level of peace is something that all establishments strive for and it can be attained with the addition of an indoor wall fountain and will be the talk of your entire congregation. Making your church an aesthetic, relaxing getaway can set your church apart from the rest.

10 – Anywhere a soothing sound is needed

Boss Fountain #36-B

The perfect place for an indoor wall fountain is wherever there is a need for soothing, calm sound. Having an indoor wall fountain can attain that thanks to the calming, soothing sound of the falling water can make any room in your home or business feel as relaxing as possible.

Frankly, any room can benefit from the addition of an indoor wall fountain due to its luxurious aesthetic and complete feeling of relaxation. An indoor wall fountain can add to any atmosphere in a positive way, making it an absolute must for your home or business.

That soothing sound provided by an indoor wall fountain instantly makes that room the most relaxing room in the building, making it the go-to room on the property. There is no other way to bring about that soothing feeling quite like an indoor wall fountain.