Top 10 Water Walls

An indoor water wall is something that you should consider for your home or business for a number of reasons. A custom indoor water wall can be placed anywhere in the room as well as on the walls, providing a high-end look while providing total relaxation with the cascading water.

These indoor water walls are great for providing a laid back, comfortable atmosphere. When the atmosphere of your home or business is comfortable, those visiting will be comfortable as well. When that ultimate relaxation is achieved, things move smoothly and more successfully.

Best of all, there are units of all shapes and sizes. This allows you to fill any space, regardless of the size, with the perfect water fountain unit. Each water fountain is constructed with the best possible materials and is meant to stand up to the test of time so that you can worry about the overall atmosphere of your home or business instead of taking care of these fountains.

But what fountains should you be looking at, exactly? Here is a list of the top 10 indoor water walls that will fit your home or business perfectly.

1 – Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain

This large wall fountain is the epitome of luxury. It provides a wow factor that cannot be matched and even allows for the addition of a company logo. This large wall fountain is perfect for lobbies or waiting rooms, allowing for that instant aesthetic impact that most places of business would love.

Best of all, the Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain provides unmatched flexibility allowing you to customize this wall fountain down to the last detail. The frames are available in 13 different types with 8 different service options to give your wall fountain the right aesthetic to fit your space.

We also offer a selection of natural stone and offer a preview of the stone before it ships so that you can be certain the stones will look exactly as you had imagined they would. Adding your logo allows for the ultimate customization, letting you wow customers as they enter your place of business.

2 – Majestic River Wall Water Fountain

The Majestic River Wall Water Fountain allows for maximum customization. With over 13 different frames and 15 different surfaces, you can select the design that fits your style perfectly. These wall fountains feature a base and top frame to house the glass or stone that you select, giving the optimal aesthetic for your home or place of business.

With the ability to add your company logo to the Majestic River Wall Water Fountain, your place of business can give off the high-quality, luxury feel that you desire and allow your customers and clients to feel as though they are getting the absolute best without paying the luxury price.

Using natural stones for this wall water fountain, each stone can come with anticipated variations. We allow you to preview the stones in your wall fountain so that you can have the benefit of seeing exactly how the stones will look before it ships. This allows for no surprises that will leave you feeling dissatisfied.

3 – Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain – Rear Mounted

This beautiful unit stretches majestically from the floor and can even touch the ceiling of establishments with ceilings 90” high. Mounted from the rear, you never have to worry about this floor water fountain moving or falling, providing a stability that can give you peace of mind.

With powder coated steel or copper in the frame, this highly durable frame will not wear down, standing the test of time. The water tray liner is water tight and will not leak or deteriorate over time. We also provide a superior water distribution system so that water flows smoothly and will not clog or spray. These units are meant to provide comfort, relaxation, and luxury and will do so without a huge amount of maintenance.

4 – Deep Creek Falls Wall Water Fountain

This three-panel wall water fountain is meant to grab the attention of anyone who enters the premises. Meant to fill an entire wall, this luxurious custom wall water fountain can easily become the focal point of any room in your home or the lobby of your business.

Ultimate customization means that you can choose from nearly 20 surface designs – like red Patagonia, magnifico travertine, black spider marble, rainforest brown marble, green Featherstone, bronze mirror, and more – as well as nearly 15 trim finishes – including antique bronze, silver vein, woodland brown, textured black, stainless steel, and more – to give your unit the absolute perfect design.

The calming effect of the falling water is amplified thanks to the trio of panels, providing even more comfort and relaxation than ever before. Placing this near a reception desk can give your clients the feeling of comfort they may be lacking before they visited your business.

5 – Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain

For those with limited space that are looking to make a comforting aesthetic impact, the Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain is quite literally the perfect fit. Tall and sleek, this unit features maximum customization. You can select the trim and surface material that best fits your design motif while keeping the relaxing water flowing at all hours.

This unit also comes with natural pebble beach river rocks that can be previewed before shipping so that no unexpected surprises arise upon arrival. The water tight tray liner is heavy duty and will not leak or deteriorate over time. This means you can keep the calming water flowing without having to worry about any annoying cleanup.

The Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain also features a dimmer switch to create brighter or more subdued coloration to add to the aesthetic appeal of the unit. Make even the tightest of spaces feel as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Combined with pinpoint customization, you can find the unit that fits you perfectly and that will stand up to the test of time.

6 – Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain

Another wall-mounted unit, the Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain can fit any size or space comfortably while becoming a bright and focal point. Additionally, these wall-mounted units provide a calming relaxation that makes any room the most comfortable that it can be.

Each unit comes with a recirculating electric pump to keep the water flowing peacefully, keeping that calm ambiance going at all times without the need to replace any costly or difficult to obtain parts. With 50-watt halogen lights, this wall water fountain can remain a focal point even when the lights in the room are out, keeping it the central focus all the time.

Polished river rocks provide an all-natural look and a water tight tray liner mean you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any annoying splashing. The splash guard hides the pump from view, keeping your wall-mounted unit looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The last thing that anyone wants to see are the pieces and parts of the wall unit poking out, taking away from the luxurious look of the wall fountain.

With customization that is unmatched, these wall water fountain units can become the focal point of any room, providing a calming, luxurious ambiance that is difficult to match.

7 – Harmony River Floor Water Fountain – Center Mount

These floor water fountains provide simplicity as well as an air of comfort and luxury. Not quite as large as some of the other options mentioned above, these floor water fountains are about the width of an armchair. That means you don’t have to have a massive amount of space to feature one of these gorgeous, calming fountains.

Like the others on this list, it is fully customizable with 13 different frame styles and textures as well as 17 different surface materials. You can make this floor fountain look exactly as you envisioned with just a few simple clicks.

The base of the frame features natural stones to compliment the overall design of the center mounted water fountain. The stones give the fountain an all-natural feel, providing a calming aesthetic as the water falls softly.

With the ability to customize and the relatively small surface area of the water fountain, this unit is quite literally the perfect fit.

8 – Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain

A bigger version of the previous wall water fountain, this three-panel unit can fill up an entire wall to give your room or business the high-end luxurious feel that you aim to achieve. The sound of the trickling water provides a highly relaxing atmosphere as well, leaving any room featuring this wall fountain as comfortable as it can be.

Highly customizable, there are a number of trim finishes available for your choosing: antique bronze, blackened copper, bronze Silverado, copper vein, eurso vein, rustic copper, shimmer gold, silver metallic, silver vein, snow white, stainless steel, textured black, and woodland brown. No matter hyour design motif, you can customize these wall fountains to fit in perfectly.

With 17 different surface materials for the water to permeate – like bronze mirror, silver mirror, black Featherstone, green Featherstone, green slate, rainforest brown marble, rainforest green marble, black spider marble, piano travertine, fantasia travertine, blue Patagonia, and more – you can complement the trim perfectly and to your liking.

Constructed of the highest-quality materials and coming with a 12-month warranty, you can rest easy knowing that this unit will stand up to the test of time. With an estimated maintenance time of two hours weekly, you can enjoy the comfort and aesthetics without having to put much time into the upkeep.

9 – Teton Falls Wall Water Fountain

These wall water fountains are perfect for those not looking to take up a lot of room with an indoor wall fountain. These Teton Falls Wall Water Fountains can be mounted on your walls much like a picture frame but with a far more aesthetically pleasing aspect to it.

With fully customizable features, you can have your Teton Falls Wall Water Fountain crafted just as you envisioned. The frame at the top and bottom can be crafted in over 13 different materials to provide the exact look that you were hoping to achieve.

These wall water fountains also include stones for that natural look and feel, sitting neatly in the bottom portion of the frame. It gives your wall water fountain that all-natural feel that comes with the sooth sounds of the water fountain.

Adding a company logo can put it over the top, giving it the feeling of a luxury and custom craftsmanship that many hope to achieve.

10 – 10’ Brushed Stainless Steel Grande With Clear Glass Floor Fountain

This indoor wall fountain is great for those with ample floor space. With the stunning brushed stainless steel, this indoor wall fountain provides a bold presence that cannot be matched. With a captivating display and relaxing, soothing sounds of water that provides a calming, relaxing experience.

With humidifying and air-cleansing properties that promote an environment of healthier living, you can get a wall fountain that is designed for today’s decors. That means a clean, contemporary design meant to enrich any space.

Each brushed stainless steel grande with clear glass floor fountain features a highly-durable stainless steel frame in a center mounted panel. It can be use both indoors or outdoors, providing complete versatility. With a recirculating electric pump, you can control the water flow as it moves down the front of the panel. Best of all? The total maintenance comes to less than two hours per month.

That level of comfort and perfect aesthetic can be attained with minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy your wall fountain without having to worry about taking care of it at all times.

Each unit has a 12-month warranty should anything go wrong but with the durability that we put into each unit, you can rely on these water fountains to stand up to the test of time. The ultimate customization is possible as well with nearly 20 surface designs and 15 trim finishes, allowing you to choose the exact design motif that will fit your home or establishment precisely.