Unexpected Places to Add an Indoor Fountain

Decorating a home can be an exciting prospect. The idea of having a blank slate all to yourself to experiment with is something that will certainly appeal to most homeowners. Starting with the basics is usually the first step. For example, adding beds to bedrooms, installing appliances into the kitchen, and laying floors everywhere. However, after the basic steps come the more exciting finishing touches. These final pieces are what define you and your specific personality. They are the extra sparks of creativity that bring the entire space together. One finishing touch that is particularly elegant is an indoor fountain. Having an indoor fountain in your home can be exactly what you needed. There are some spaces in the house that could do well with an indoor fountain that you may not have thought of. The office, library, and bathroom, for instance are all rooms in the house that could benefit from the addition of an indoor fountain.


Having a fountain in your office could benefit your working environment. Some people find that the sound of flowing water can clear their minds and help them to relax. This is important when doing work, because you can take a moment to re-focus your efforts. The ancient Chinese system known as Feng Shui incorporates the idea of having a fountain in your office. This is supposed to bring you a sense of peace of mind, as well as balances the energies of the home.

Fountains can make great focal pieces for your office as well. Often, offices are filled with pieces of furniture that are practical. A desk for studying, a laptop for doing work, and a telephone for calling clients are examples of things that are usually found in offices. Fountains are great because they are unexpected. They are not practical, and do not serve a specified purpose. They break up the sense of monotony that an office will sometimes create. They are a breath of fresh air, and a real piece of art.

One example of a fountain that would go great in an office would be the 6’ Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor Fountain. It is a large fountain, and can easily fill an empty office space. The LED design feature will be a welcome sight when you need to look at something other than your computer screen. If you are interested in checking it out, click here!


Sitting in a cozy armchair surrounded by books is an amazing feeling on its own. Perhaps you have a warm fire burning brightly in the fireplace while you read. What could be even better than that? The answer to that is having a beautiful fountain in the room with you! The sound of water rushing gently into the waiting basin can be calming and relaxing for anyone. Listening to the water in the fountain can be a good way for you to unwind while you read your books.

A library is a comfortable and an intimate space. Therefore, the size of the fountain that is placed inside it should be smaller. A tabletop fountain would be beneficial for a library and its inhabitants. One example would be the Bliss Indoor Tabletop Fountain. It is small and compact, and has a rock atop of two tiers. The bottom tier is covered in small stones. This makes the water sound natural and free. Any more information that you might need to know can be found here.

If you prefer fountains of unique designs, there may be better options for you. The Large Sierra Moonshadow Tabletop Water Fountain is one example of this. It was inspired by the look of the lunar moon. It can easily sit on a tabletop near where you are sitting and reading. You can see this fountain here.


The final room in your home that could benefit from the addition of an indoor fountain. This may be a surprising room to place one, but it also makes sense. After all, the sound of flowing water may trigger natural bodily functions. Fountains in the bathroom are also good for helping people relax after a long day at work. When they are lying in a warm bubble bath, hearing the splashing of the fountain can lull you right to sleep.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, the fountain that you purchase will vary. Typically, however, bathrooms tend to be smaller in size. This means that the fountain will need to fit the space.

The Falling Water Table Fountain could be a good addition to your bathroom. It can easily be placed on a counter or a shelf. The light from the fountain can be a good ambiance for your room. Read more about it here!

A second option could be the Mantra Indoor Table Fountain. It contains pebbles that are suspended over a larger rock. It is definitely a great source for relaxation! More information can be found here.

It is quite easy to create a unique focal point in your home. By identifying a few rooms in particular that could use an added touch, you can spread your personality to the whole space. Having fountains in your home can be a conversation point for friends and guests who you have over. They are sure to be in awe over the elegance and class that a beautiful fountain can add to your home. Fountains are great pieces that add a lot of value to your home. They can easily be installed into most rooms of your home. The office, library and bathroom are just a few rooms that could benefit from the installation of fountains. However, there are other rooms in your house that you could choose to add a fountain to, if you wish.