Unique Ways to Add Art to Your Home

Posted by Candace Osmond on Dec 27th 2016

Everybody wants their home to be a comfortable and inviting place to be. However, we also want our homes to be fashionable, while reflecting our unique style. Sometimes, this can be a difficult objective to achieve. Combining the right furniture with pieces of art can have varying results. We will be examining unique ways to add art to your home, which will hopefully help you in your decorating goals.

Make a gallery wall

If you have a large collection of framed photos or artwork, it might look nice if it is grouped together. You can create your own photo gallery for anyone to admire. This is often used for family photos, so that generations of people can be seen all in one place. Try placing the gallery above a sofa for a nice focal point.

Postcard art

This is a good way to bring together things that you’ve been too sentimental to throw away. Postcards can have beautiful designs and pictures from faraway places. Combining all your postcards together into a collage can be a great way to add artwork to your home.

Indoor fountain

When people consider artwork to place in their homes, they sometimes overlook sculptures. Indoor fountains have intricate figures and beautiful water displays. The slate fountain pictured above features intricate details and colors, and these options are available as a floor slate fountain as well. They can provide an interesting focal point to a room. 

Clipboard art

Having a wall of clipboards can be both fun and useful! You can clip pretty pictures, and rearrange them at your leisure. Or you could use some of the clipboards to hold reminders for yourself about things you have to do.

Rosette artwork

Paper rosettes can be arranged on a wall into some sort of design. If you prefer, you could just use colored rosettes and place them randomly. They provide the room with a bright pop of color.


Inspirational quotes are nice to see and read around a house. You could write the words out yourself in a fancy font, and then frame them. Or you could cut and paste the letters from magazine pages.

Retro signs

Signs from many years ago can be used as a decorating piece in a home. Some of them are amusing, while others contain wise advice. These signs may be made of wood or metal, and can be hung on the wall or placed on a surface.

Adding artwork can be the finishing touch that your home has been lacking. However, you do not need to stick to the old boring decorating style. Be unique and add your own quirkiness to your home design. Artwork can come in a variety of different forms, and how you choose to arrange them is up to you.