Where to Put Your Indoor Fountain

It is likely that you have all already heard about the incredible benefits that indoor fountains can provide to you. These can include reducing stress levels, improving ambiance, and making a lovely focal point. However, is there a particular place in the home where these benefits can be maximized? This article runs through some of the basic questions concerning where you should place your indoor fountain according to the rules of feng shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient system of art and laws that was developed many years ago in China. It has a purpose of balancing the energies of a room or home, so that the inhabitants will have good health and fortune. According to feng shui, the placement of objects in your surroundings will affect your mental and physical health. Seeing as your personal energy levels will be affected, how you perform in your daily activities will be affected correspondingly. Many people still adhere to this old tradition.

Wealth Corners

If you have a source of running water in your home, it symbolizes good fortune. Continuously flowing water represents a steady income. For instance, the homeowner could be receiving a paycheck every single week. A larger accumulation of water could indicate that there is a lot of wealth, or savings that have piled up. This could be in the form of a pond or a larger fountain. However, it must be placed in the correct area. The wealth corners in your home include the ones that are facing south east, south west, and north. A fountain may be placed in any one of these corners for the inhabitants to enjoy the symbol of good fortune. You may also place your fountain to the left of the door (when you are facing out the door).

Where You Should Not Put It

According to the feng shui system, there are several areas of the house that are off limits to fountains. The bedroom cannot have running water in it, as this is likely to bring sickness to the house. The person who sleeps in that bedroom could be stricken with a cold, or worse. The same principle applies if you can hear the fountain when you sleep, even if it is not in your room. Fountains should also not be placed under stairways. Doing so could result in the children of the house becoming ill. Two other rooms of the house that should not have a fountain in them are the bathroom and the kitchen.

What if a Room That is Off Limits is a Wealth Corner?

Under no circumstances should an indoor fountain be placed in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. This is true even if that room is facing south east, south west or north. If this scenario happens, you should place the fountain in your living room instead. It is preferable if you have a wealth corner in your living room, as this would be the ideal placement.