Fountain Accessories

Hood Covers

Your water feature has an open hood at the top, which means if its placed on a lower wall and/or stairway you would be able to see into the top if you are above it looking down.   You do have the option to upgrade to a hood cover, that way if your feature is sitting in a spot where people could look down on the feature you will have a finished look at the top.  The exposed top is not something you are able to see from the front view.  Hood covers are available for indoor and outdoor fountains.



 Serene Waters Indoor Hood Cover  Indoor Hood Cover for Serene Waters



If you are purchasing your water feature for outdoor use, we recommend you place it out of the elements and in a covered spot. We recommend winterizing your fountain if you are in a climate  that hits freezing temperatures.  Remove the excess water and dry it out.  Remove the pump, hoses, and cords dry them and bring them indoors during those freezing months.  For those cold winter months in harsher climates we recommend the purchase of an outdoor hood for your outdoor water feature, to keep the moisture from getting to the electrical where the light bar sits.  The outdoor hoods have an angle to them so the water will run off the front if for any reason it gets wet.  The hood comes with hinges so you can lift them to easily access your water distribution unit, and hose making this outdoor hood cover a great upgrade to your outdoor water feature.


 Wall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover  Wall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover
 Freestanding Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover  Freestanding Water Feature Outdoor Hood Cover

Stone Selection

We Use Natural Stones for all of our water features, and therefore each stone will have anticipated variations.  The stone selection is a great chance for you to view the exact stones we will be using for your fountain from our current inventory.  Once you choose this option and place the order, a link is sent showing the current stones available in the size and type you have purchased.  You then have the chance to select the exact stone you want for your feature, and it is sent directly to the warehouse to begin production.  


 LED Lights

If you are looking to upgrade your water feature LED lights are a wonderful addition to your feature.  Each addition of LED Lights comes with a remote you can program, 4 color changing settings, and 12 color choices. LED Lights are  energy efficient, they last up to 13 times longer than the standard halogen lights it comes with to keep your feature running longer with out having to change bulbs.  It is sure to give your water feature that extra upgrade you are looking for!

Image result for LED  lights with remote


Protec Fountain Cleaner

 Protec is specifically developed to quickly remove and prevent both white calcium scale-deposits and stains (due to iron and copper) on surfaces of water features. Protec's advanced blend of environmentally safe ingredients makes it non-acidic, non-hazardous, non-foaming, and non-staining.