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Wall Fountains

Every home or business has a wall just screaming for a dynamic focal point. Wall fountains are always the perfect solution. There is not a painting or piece of art that can compare to their captivating beauty. When you mount one of these gorgeous pieces on your wall we have available here at Indoor Fountain Pros, everyone who walks in will immediately be drawn to its visual beauty and soothing sound.  Whether you are searching for an art fountain full of color or a more simple, yet beautiful fountain, such as our mirror fountains, we are sure to have the perfect indoor fountain for you. Indoor wall water fountains are also great for humidifying your home.  The water features will also attract dust particles to help clean the air.  So besides being a soothing and beautiful piece of art these wall mount fountains have more than a couple benefits.  Slate Fountains are very popular as the unique designs of each stone make them one of a kind. Two of our top selling fountains, the Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain and the Teton Springs Wall Fountain, are both simple, yet elegant. Another popular fountain the Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain, has two stones and is a perfects size for any room or office. Need something off the wall, you might consider a floor water fountain.

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